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California, Florida & Washington

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Nouveau Health online Concierge Medicine

Evaluation and treatment of all general medical problems, Menopause, low testosterone, Infertility, with a blending of allopathic and alternative medicine via telemedicine for residents in the States of California, Washington and Florida.

At Nouveau Health, our specialty is customized, personalized, telemedicine, tailored specifically to you. We treat a large range of medical problems; from general medicine including medical treatment, advice and guidance, to the treatment of menopause and low testosterone in men. We practice personalized patient care via telemedicine where you can have an appointment of any duration. We customize every patient’s treatment and specialize in listening to you and partnering with you for better health.

Nouveau Health uses state of the art HIPPA compliant electronic medical record system to create your medical records. We have a bridge with quest diagnostics and are able to send your prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy during your appointment. Additionally, you will be given a patient portal so that you have access to your medical records 24 hours a day. We do not write any prescriptions for narcotics and are not contracted with any insurance companies. We do require that you have a primary care doctor designated should your require a face to face visit and or physical exam.